Commercial Intruder Alarms

Wireless and hardwired intruder alarm systems for complete peace of mind


What our customers say

At Aegis Alarms Ltd Hampshire, we know the importance of protecting your business and commercial properties, which is why we strive to provide the best security and alarm solutions for businesses both large and small.

So whether you are looking to provide extra security in the form of CCTV or an alarm for a garage or warehouse, or a more complex solution such as access control or surveillance for a large office block, contact us to discuss your requirements or to arrange a site visit. All of our intruder alarm systems are installed to current PD6662, 2010 – BS8243 standards and our systems are installed to meet even the most demanding insurance companies requirements so you can rest assured that if the worst was to happen, you’re covered.

Typical commercial alarm systems and security that we provide includes:

  • Intruder detection / Burglar alarm systems
  • CCTV surveillance cameras
  • Access control
  • Remote monitoring
  • Optional signalling auto dialler, Digital communicator, RedCare, DualCom GPRS
  • Service and maintenance

If you want to know more about our Commercial Intruder Alarms – please feel free to contact us by completing our form. Alternatively you can give us a call!